The Müvment is a preprofessional competitive dance company located in Cedar Park, TX directed by Caitlin Steele and assisted by Hannah Taub and Elena Giannuzzi. The MÜVment will participate in several performances in the Austin area, compete at regional competitions throughout the state of Texas, receive training from working dancers and choreographers, attend multiple conventions, and have the opportunity to travel and take dance education trips to gain knowledge and experience in the life of a professional dancer.

The Müvment is a team that encourages their members to do everything to the best of their ability while supporting each other and building community. We are looking for the serious dancer who possesses a strong passion and dedication to their craft. Our company strives to help all dancers reach their fullest potential and acquire the work ethic it takes to achieve their goals.





  • Abbey B.
    Abbey B.
  • Alice B.
    Alice B.
  • Avery C.
    Avery C.
  • Brooke D.
    Brooke D.
  • Ellie C.
    Ellie C.
  • Jacie K.
    Jacie K.
  • Juliette C.
    Juliette C.
  • Kaylee H.
    Kaylee H.
  • Laney P.
    Laney P.
  • Mackinley C.
    Mackinley C.
  • Maya C.
    Maya C.
  • Olivia K.
    Olivia K.
  • Sarah B.
    Sarah B.
  • Shelly B.
    Shelly B.
  • Addison H.
    Addison H.
  • Alyssa C.
    Alyssa C.
  • Avery C.
    Avery C.
  • Brynley C.
    Brynley C.
  • Esther P.
    Esther P.
  • Jaden W.
    Jaden W.
  • Kailey M.
    Kailey M.
  • Kelsi W.
    Kelsi W.
  • Lexi N.
    Lexi N.
  • Madi H.
    Madi H.
  • Melany B.
    Melany B.
  • Peyton B.
    Peyton B.
  • Sarah L.
    Sarah L.
  • Sienna L.
    Sienna L.
  • Sydney S.
    Sydney S.
  • Addison R.
    Addison R.
  • Autumn Z.
    Autumn Z.
  • Avery R.
    Avery R.
  • Claire G.
    Claire G.
  • Evan R.
    Evan R.
  • Jillian C.
    Jillian C.
  • Kaley D.
    Kaley D.
  • Kinsley M.
    Kinsley M.
  • Lillie F.
    Lillie F.
  • Maizy B.
    Maizy B.
  • Molly F.
    Molly F.
  • Quincy W.
    Quincy W.
  • Savannah H.
    Savannah H.
  • Sofia S.
    Sofia S.
  • Addison S.
    Addison S.
  • Ava H.
    Ava H.
  • Avery W.
    Avery W.
  • DP H.
    DP H.
  • Gracie H.
    Gracie H.
  • Jocelyn G.
    Jocelyn G.
  • Kate F.
    Kate F.
  • Landry M.
    Landry M.
  • Lucy A.
    Lucy A.
  • Mary H.
    Mary H.
  • Olivia B.
    Olivia B.
  • Rylie B.
    Rylie B.
  • Savannah S.
    Savannah S.
  • Sophie H.
    Sophie H.



  • Caitlin Grooms Steele
    Caitlin Grooms Steele
    Müv Dance Instructor • The Müvment Director
  • Hannah Taub
    Hannah Taub
    Müv Dance Instructor • The Müvment Asst. Director
  • Elena Giannuzzi
    Elena Giannuzzi
    Müv Dance Instructor • The Müvment Asst. Director