Müv Crü is an award-winning commercial dance hip hop company powered by Muv Dance and Fitness, located in Cedar Park, TX. They are a dedicated group of dancers who are passionate about hip-hop dance and have a desire to perform both professionally and within their community. Müv Crü’s intention is to inspire and educate dancers, providing a creative outlet to grow. Under the leadership of Gaebri Kelley and assisted by Grace Saia, these dancers train from choreographers in the industry, participate in performances in the Austin area, compete throughout Texas, and train for professional jobs. Our company strives to help all dancers reach their fullest potential and acquire the work ethic it takes to achieve their goals.





  • Brynlie B.
    Brynlie B.
  • James M.
    James M.
  • Levi T.
    Levi T.
  • Braylen F.
    Braylen F.
  • Alex M.
    Alex M.
  • Hannah K.
    Hannah K.
  • Sofia P.
    Sofia P.
  • Leela K.
    Leela K.
  • Mikah B.
    Mikah B.


  • Bro B.
    Bro B.
  • Hadley H.
    Hadley H.
  • Savannah S.
    Savannah S.
  • Kylee C.
    Kylee C.
  • Kinsley M.
    Kinsley M.
  • Abigail G.
    Abigail G.
  • Evelyn O.
    Evelyn O.
  • Shea H.
    Shea H.
  • Adelynne P.
    Adelynne P.


  • Saniya A.
    Saniya A.
  • Liam H.
    Liam H.
  • Bella M.
    Bella M.
  • Autumn Z.
    Autumn Z.
  • Annabelle A.
    Annabelle A.
  • DP H.
    DP H.
  • Alexa P.
    Alexa P.
  • Emma C.
    Emma C.
  • Claire B.
    Claire B.
  • Jacie K.
    Jacie K.
  • Saya S.
    Saya S.
  • Sadie D.
    Sadie D.
  • Chandler B.
    Chandler B.
  • Katelyn L.
    Katelyn L.
  • Bella W.
    Bella W.
  • Presleigh T.
    Presleigh T.


  • Londyn B.
    Londyn B.
  • Madison C.
    Madison C.
  • Parker P.
    Parker P.
  • Rianna L.
    Rianna L.
  • Rowan B.
    Rowan B.
  • Lauren C.
    Lauren C.
  • Esther P.
    Esther P.
  • Kailyn L.
    Kailyn L.
  • Olivia B.
    Olivia B.
  • Addison H.
    Addison H.
  • Lauren J.
    Lauren J.
  • Amarah M.
    Amarah M.
  • Alexander B.
    Alexander B.
  • Kiki L.
    Kiki L.
  • Danielle B.
    Danielle B.
  • Aniya S.
    Aniya S.


  • Avni B.
    Avni B.
  • JT K.
    JT K.
  • Isabel N.
    Isabel N.
  • Aidan C.
    Aidan C.
  • Gabi A.
    Gabi A.
  • Abby G.
    Abby G.
  • Sophia L.
    Sophia L.
  • Bella S.
    Bella S.
  • Raven N.
    Raven N.
  • Jocelyn G.
    Jocelyn G.
  • Jayna L.
    Jayna L.
  • Xavier S.
    Xavier S.
  • Ava H.
    Ava H.
  • Gracie H.
    Gracie H.
  • Jada M.
    Jada M.
  • Malcolm L.
    Malcolm L.
  • Josilynn T.
    Josilynn T.



  • Gaebri Anderson Kelley
    Gaebri Anderson Kelley
    Müv Dance Instructor • Müv Crü Director
  • Grace Saia
    Grace Saia
    Müv Dance Instructor • Müv Crü Assistant Director
  • Trevor Parmentier
    Trevor Parmentier
    Müv Crü Choreographer