A personalized program to help you reach your dance goals and prepare you for company auditions next season


MÜV CRÜ in Training is a new and exciting preparation team to assist company hopefuls for future MÜV CRÜ auditions. Trainees are selected from the MÜV CRÜ auditions. This program is led by the current MÜV CRÜ assistant director, Grace Saia. MÜV CRÜ trainees will have the opportunity to perform in our Winter and Spring Showcases as well as compete in the rookie league at 2 local contests! Trainees are required to take a minimum of 5 hip-hop classes from our summer schedule. Beginning in the fall, dancers will meet on Fridays for their trainee class and be required to take at least 1 to 2 hip hop class weekly. Please email Grace at grace@muv678.com with any questions.


  • 1 weekly Hip Hop class – Minis (minimum)

  • 2 Weekly Hip Hop classes – Juniors

  • 1 Weekly Friday Trainee class

  • Progress meetings with Director(s)


  • Trainee Friday class $75/month Plus Class tuition

  • Combined costume and performance fee, t-shirt one-time fee of $150


  • 2 local competitions – rookie league (cost to be determined)