Shepherd Allen started dancing at a young age emulating Michael Jackson and the Breakin movies.  Taking to it quickly once he was 12 he taught “classes” in his front yard using the family van as a mirror.  From there he went with a neighborhood studio to NYCDA and won best overall with his own choreography at 14.  Since then he has taught at just about every studio in the Austin area (Atomic, Alisas Dance Academy, Ballet Austin, Dance Institute, etc…).  He booked a short tour backup dancing for Usher and fell in love with performing.  He has been on SYTYCD and also won fan favorite on the show “A Chance to Dance”.  His travels have taken him to Chicago, New Orleans, North and South Carolina, Seattle, and Los Angeles to teach his broad style.  Currently, he is teaching across Austin sharing his passion for energy in dance and is very excited to start a relationship with MUV.