A native of northern California but a child of the south. Jonas has built a home in Austin over the last two decades.
Although Jonas has been blessed to work with Brian Friedman, MTV, Old Navy, Alaina Castillo, Activision, and roller skating around as an extra for a Beyonce video, his heart is where his community is, sharing the gifts he’s been given. He has given back in teaching to various dance teams and schools in the greater Austin area. He has danced professionally across the states. Nothing brings him more fulfillment than seeing people become better versions of themselves and being willing to share it passionately.

Here is what students & peers have to say about him: “Jonas is not only one of the best people and most kind-hearted individuals you’ll ever meet, but also one of the most passionate and authentic souls I’ve ever had the honor of learning from. In his class, I always feel safe. Empowered. Energized. He has a gift for nurturing individual artistry within his students whilst providing them with skills that many dancers/teachers would typically disregard or leave out. He encourages growth, embraces mistakes, and leaves you feeling fuller than you were the moment you entered the studio.”

“You taught me how to listen to music. How to really hear it, dissect it, pull from it, manipulate it with my movement, BECOME IT. You taught what it meant to perform. What separates you is your innate ability to create an energetic, positive, authentic, judgement free atmosphere, all while keeping the ENTIRE room engaged and inspired.”