David started dancing in the Austin, Texas region until he relocated to South Carolina where he attended Southern Strutt. David graduated high school at 15 so he could train and be in numerous ballet, jazz, and contemporary companies. He uses his knowledge from both the classical and commercial dance industries to inspire, create, and progress his students facilities. David has been working in the industry since a very young age and has worked alongside celebrities Jerry Lewis, Richard Dreyfus, Sandra Bullock, Mitzi Gaynor, and countless others. David has also been in companies such as Backhausdance, Boogiezone’s Entity Contemporary Dance Company, TOKYO’sthecompany, and POV Dance Company traveling and performing all over the nation. In the commercial world he has worked in productions by Disney, Twenty One Pilots, NBC’s Friday Night Lights, Miss Congeniality, Stiletto Entertainment, Movetheworld Charity, and Pentatonix. He is a graduate from Chapman University and holds a BFA in Dance. David currently teaches and choreographs nationally and all over southern California and has worked for studios such as Just Plain Dancin’, Boogiezone’s Utopia, TOKYO’stheacademy, Pacific Coast Academy of Dance, and Dolce Dance. He will be on a European tour with Bad Boys of Dance in this coming year.