Scott Alan Hislop started dancing at the age of 11 and booked his first job at 15. Now decades later, his career is thriving and his love for the craft has only strengthened.  Having made Los Angeles for over 20 years, the film and television business has kept him very busy indeed. He has worked on 27 feature films, from Ted 2, Gangster Squad, The Muppets, Rock of Ages, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Spiderman III, Charlie’s Angels, and Titanic to many, many more. Look for him in the upcoming, highly anticipated musical LaLa Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. National commercials include: Ford, Sony, Prius, Cadillac, Tropicana Orange Juice, Samsung, Hyundai, Chipotle, and Wendys. He has graced the television screen from the Primetime Emmy Awards to Dancing with the Stars to the MTV Movie Awards and worked on hit television series such as Glee, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. His choreography has been seen on The Middle and No Ordinary Family, both for ABC. Look for his debut into the world of feature film choreography with this years release of Another Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits starring Sofia Carson. Scott tries wholeheartedly to marry the importance of technical training and pure from-the-heart movement in an accessible and on threatening way. His unique method of reaching students is posed through questions and motives that force you to not only use your technical raining but your own life experience as well. Scott tries to convey the importance of keeping the body in shape through vigorous training and making authentic choices that color your movement and sets you apart.