Coach Roy began his exciting journey in the world of movement and athleticism during their early high school years. At the age of 14, they made a pivotal decision to pursue gymnastics as their PE elective, setting the stage for a lifelong passion and coaching career that would leave a lasting impact on their world of movement and sports.

In the formative years of their athletic journey, Coach Roy quickly developed an insatiable love for gymnastics. The exhilaration of conquering new skills and executing awe-inspiring tricks ignited a profound adrenaline rush that became the driving force behind their dedication to exploring the world of gymnastics further. By the age of 15, they had already embarked on their coaching journey, working with youth gymnasts. This marked the humble inception of what would later become an illustrious career.

Coach Roy had the privilege of coaching a diverse range of levels and gymnastics events. Their coaching repertoire included cheerleaders and tumbling techniques, working with preschool gymnasts, nurturing pre-team members, and honing the skills of performance teams. It was during this period that Coach Roy made the decision to teach them tumbling, drawing upon their extensive experience as an instructor and the countless athletes they had witnessed achieving greatness.

The quest for knowledge led Coach Roy to Infinity Gymnastics, in his hometown of El Paso, where the Ojeda family served as their dedicated mentors. At Infinity Gymnastics, they gained invaluable hands-on spotting experience and utilized foam pits to meticulously refine techniques, both for their own benefit and the progress of their students. Infinity Gymnastics also introduced Roy to the world of special needs gymnastics, a journey that left an indelible mark on the lives of the students they trained, while also imparting immense patience and fresh perspectives on teaching.

Following their high school journey, Coach Roy relocated to San Antonio to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a testament to their commitment to both academic and athletic pursuits.

While in San Antonio, Roy’s coaching journey took another transformative turn at Chrissy’s Dance Academy. Here, they discovered the power of merging acrobatic elements into the world of dance, fundamentally shifting their perspective on coaching and movement once again. Roy worked diligently to enhance choreographies with acrobatic flair and elevate the tumbling abilities of dancers, further enriching their teaching repertoire.

Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for challenging skills, Roy dedicated a substantial portion of their time to the university’s cheer team. This dedication culminated in an official coaching position for tumbling with the UTSA Cheer team and the crowning achievement of a national title on Daytona Beach.

Post-college, Roy embarked on a new chapter in Austin, Texas, discovering a passion for pole fitness at Laché Movement Co. Here, they not only honed their skills but also expanded their teaching portfolio to encompass adult classes including trampoline, parkour, and pole fitness.

In 2022, Coach Roy received a referral to Müv Dance & Fitness from one of their students and a company dancer at the studio. Stepping into Müv felt like coming home, and since then, Coach Roy has been an integral part of the Müv community. They continue to share their love for movement and empower individuals to reach their athletic aspirations.

Roy’s coaching journey epitomizes an unwavering commitment to the art of movement, an unrelenting pursuit of personal growth, and a profound passion for positively impacting the lives of those they train. Whether you’re aiming for greater athleticism, self-expression, or achievement, Coach Roy eagerly invites you to join them on this exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and accomplishment here at Müv Dance & Fitness.