Michelle Barfield has been dancing since the age of two, consistently training in various styles.  Growing up, she trained under Quinton Weathers with Rise Dance Company in Round Rock, Texas.  She had the opportunity to learn from choreographers all around the world, bringing fresh perspectives and styles into her learning process.  After graduating high school, Michelle moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a dancer and choreographer.  While in LA, she danced under and worked with leading and emerging choreographers such as Jason Gorman, Mitchel Federan, Baden Silva, and got the opportunity to perform in Andrew Winghart’s concept video “Cry Me a River”.  In addition to that, she was accepted into the Gypsy Project lead by Erica Sobol, where she got to delve into the world of concert dance, choreography, and even a bit of philosophy.  Now, she’s back in Austin not only to share her love and knowledge that she’s gained from exploring the dance industry, but is hoping to continually learn from her students.  Michelle believes highly in the concept that dance offers endless growth and exploration, which draws inspiration into her work and life.