Grace Saia has been dancing her whole life, training at different studios such as Dance Institute, Dancer’s Workshop, and Müv Dance and Fitness.  She started her training as a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer for five years under the instruction of Sabrina Truscott, Denis Generalov, and Curtis Prevost. Once joining a drill team in middle school and high school, her love for dance changed more towards jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and high kick styles.  She began training at Dancer’s Workshop where she was able to learn from special guest choreographers such as Sabrina Phillip and Abby Lett, Micheal Burfield, and many more.  She was a member of the Vandegrift Legacies Dance Team all throughout high school which led to her start in choreography after being asked to teach for the Acrotex Legacies Dance Team in Cedar Park as well as setting a piece for her high school team her senior year.  With her high school dance team, she had the opportunity to train and perform all over, including a special performance at the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii during her junior year.  Her senior year she joined the Müv Crü Hip Hop Company, which she continues to serve as an assistant on post-graduation, where she was able to train under dancers such as Alexander Chung, Max Pham, Ashleigh Frost, Trevor Parmentier and many more.  Her goal is to always inspire young dancers to work hard and never lose their passion for dance!