Eva spent the early part of her life focused on dance, completing her ballet exams under the Royal Academy of Dance, London. In 1999, she was one of four students in Australia to be awarded the Solo Seal Ballet Award. Upon graduating from the New Zealand School of Dance fulltime ballet program, she turned her focus to teaching dance in her hometown of Newcastle, Australia.

While completing her bachelor degree in Visual Arts Secondary Teaching, she was able to complete her Certificate of Dance Teaching Studies with the Royal Academy of Dance, London and become an affiliated member of the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus. Gaining these certifications has allowed Eva to enter students for competitions and both Ballet and Jazz examinations. As a dance teacher for the past ten years, Eva has been responsible for teaching, developing and entering students for examinations, competitions, and performances in a range of dance areas including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, and National Character.

In May of 2013, Eva graduated with her Masters in Arts Management from the University at Buffalo, enhancing her professional experiences in the arts and cultural fields with practical knowledge of community outreach, development, contracts, marketing, and finance. New to the Austin area, Eva is excited to take on the opportunity to utilize her passion for, and experience in the dance industry.